Project HW Kaffee

Design study: Showcase with built-in button

We have developed the display case button as part of various design studies on the subject of order buttons. The products are attractively presented under plexiglass. At the touch of a button, the product is reordered.

The capsules are presented under plexiglass

It's out of beige capsules.

We all know it: someone takes the last one and forgets to reorder it. In addition to reordering, the showcase can also be used for promotional purposes. For example, product variants can be tested and communicated to the campaign manager at the touch of a button.

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Design environment:
Adobe and Autodesk products, mainly on Mac computers.

Software environment:
Ruby on Rails, Python, C++ and C are our primary languages. We use many open source projects and also contribute various contributions.

Hardware environment:
Communication: LoRaWan, BLE, Bluetooth 5
MCU: STM, Microchip and ESP

Prototyping infrastructure:
We have a large fleet of equipment for prototypes and pilot production models, including several 3D printers (Makerbot, Formlabs, Stratasys), a CNC milling machine, a deep-drawing machine, a plastic injection moulding press and others.