Project HW Counter

Design study: How many people are on the train?

There are various ways of measuring visitor flows today – using more or less complex techniques, such as image recognition or the use of mobile phone networks. A particularly simple and energy-saving device was designed as part of a design study: the PIR sensor counter.

We know the PIR sensor from stairwell lights - here we use two of them in one device that is glued to the ceiling.

Two energy-saving sensors record the passing guests, software determines the number of individuals from this and an energy-saving LoRaWan server then reports the data to a central location.

Functional, aesthetic and efficient - the Internet of Things in the service of public transport

You have the idea, we have the knowledge and the experience to implement complex solutions in the shortest possible time. As we have all the expertise in-house, from design to the finished product, we can provide you with the best possible service.

From the design study through prototyping to complete development – you receive everything from a single source. In the case of hardware, we can even take over production on request. Get to know us and let us inspire you.

Design environment:
Adobe and Autodesk products, mainly on Mac computers.

Software environment:
Ruby on Rails, Python, C++ and C are our primary languages. We use many open source projects and also contribute various contributions.

Hardware environment:
Communication: LoRaWan, BLE, Bluetooth 5
MCU: STM, Microchip and ESP

Prototyping Infrastructure:
We have a large fleet of equipment for prototypes and pilot production models, including several 3D printers (Makerbot, Formlabs, Stratasys), a CNC milling machine, a deep-drawing machine, a plastic injection moulding press and others.