Inspiring products

Break away from our antiquated stuff, questioning existing ones and "reinventing" them with current technology, that is our credo and the essence behind each of our products.
The Oxon product family always aims to develop functional and aesthetically pleasing products. Read more about this on our products websites.


Our educational computer was launched in 2017 at the Swiss Economic Forum as a business initiative to introduce Curriculum 21 and has since been successfully introduced at over 300 schools.

The product has won several international awards. Accompanying teaching materials are also available, which have been published by the renowned hep publishing house.


With modern Internet technology, not only can processes be automated, but costs can also be saved. We show that this is also possible in the health care system with our revolutionary nurse call system Oxocare.

2019 we have founded a separate company for this purpose. The system does not require any electrical installations and can be used immediately.


The Oxobuttons are programmable buttons in different formats and for different applications, for example in the fields of gastronomy, security, health care, logistics or facility management. The use of E-Ink screens ensures that the inscription remains legible at all times with minimum battery consumption.


Oxovision is a modern digital signage solution based on open source technologies with a very good price/performance ratio. The solution is already in use in all Migros restaurants in the Migros Aare. The unrivalled low transaction costs, combined with the high adaptability, have quickly made Oxovision a success.