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Benefit from our broadly diversified expertise. We also make our expertise available to interested companies as a service. In agile processes we develop apps, web applications, backend systems and even manufacture electronic devices.

From the idea to the finished

There isn't just one way of doing it. In computer science there are countless process models, methodologies, tools, approaches and it is almost impossible to describe a path that is suitable for all cases. That is why we do not focus on the way, but on the goal. We orientate ourselves on a four-phase project sequence and work with agile processes.

The four phases of the project process

Scoping Development of procedures, design patterns, processes. The results are used for market studies or as a template for implementation.

Engineering In the software project the software is developed here, in the hardware sector the plans for the production are created.

Production (nur Hardware) Production, testing, certification, packaging and logistics of goods.

Operation Maintenance and operation of the complete system.

Agile engineering process

Those who are flexible can react quickly to new findings. With the agile process, a project is implemented in many small short stages, so-called "sprints". Each sprint is a small sub-project that aims at a complete aspect of the entire project. After each sprint we question the result and reassess the current situation. Each sprint offers flexibility for change or simplification.

This process produces better results in less time.

Design and
development tools

Our team uses commercially available professional tools for the development. This not only enables us to develop high-quality solutions quickly, but also ensures communication between the various parties, thus guaranteeing a higher quality of execution.

  • Design-Tools
  • Graphic design tools Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign other products the Adobe-Suite

  • User Experience-Design Adobe XD Apple Keynote ProcessingJS OmniGraffle Hype

  • Product design tools Autodesk Fusion 360 OpenSCAD

  • Elektronics design tools Altium Designer EAGLE

  • Web- and App engineering
  • Front end and App environments React and React Native Electron

  • Backend-engineering tools Ruby on Rails Node.js Go

  • Firmwares C/C++

  • Data base systems Postgresql SQLServer As well as various NoSQL dbms

  • IDE’s and editors Xcode, VS Code, Atom, Sublime u.a. Atollic TrueSTUDIO STM32CubeIDE Arduino

  • Operating systems
  • Desktops Our developers work on MacOS,
    various Linux distributions and
    Firmware: FreeRTOS

  • CI/CD Gitlab Kubernetes Docker Linux

Prototype and mass production

Oxon develops prototypes, MVPs and mass products and has built up extensive know-how in this area over the last few years. This makes it possible to provide small series for market tests within a very short time. This compilation contains the most important aspects that we can implement with our infrastructure, our team and above all our strong partners.

  • Elektronics design
  • Circuit design and
    PCB design
    Sourcing of components Prototype and MVP's Schemas Curcuit design Tests

  • Embedded Controller Microchip 8bit-Controller STM 32bit-Controller STM BlueNRG ESP8266 & ESP32 Raspberry Pi

  • Communication Bluetooth/BLE 5.0 WiFi LoRaWan NFC/RFID

  • Case (enclosure) design
  • Drafts Sketches and 3D modelling High-quality visualisation with Raytracer Feasibility analysis and cost estimation

  • Materials Aluminium, steel Platics: ABS, PLA, PMMA, Silicones Foils Wood / cardboard / paper

  • Machining 3D-Druck using FDM or SLA 3- and 5-axis CNC machining Lasercut Thermoforming Printing

  • Mass production preparation
  • Mold tooling Tool production by external toolmaker Review and optimizations

  • Production Coordination with production partner Sourcing of the components Production monitoring Firmware burning Quality control Package and instruction manuals Translations Certificates Transport and logistics